Giving Your Deck The Right Design With Round Railings

When you are building a new deck, there are a lot of custom features to choose from for the design. The railing is one of the areas of your deck where the features and details are more visible. Therefore, you want to choose railing designs that are attractive and unique. Railings can have modern designs and features like round rails to finish the top. The following railing ideas will help give your new deck the design features you want:

Installing Modern Metal Railings  

The deck you are building may have a more modern design. Today, metal railings are a great solution to give your deck a more modern finish. These railings can be stainless steel, aluminum, or powder-coated materials. The top of the metal railings can also be finished with custom round railings, which can be the same metal materials. They can also be finished with round wood handrails to give your deck design more unique details.

Complete the Deck with Round Handrails

The deck can also have more traditional wood railings. Even with a more traditional design, round handrails can be a great addition to the deck. This can be good if there are areas with higher railings for safety or privacy. You can add the handrails to the stairs and other areas where you want to enhance the design of your deck. The round handrails for wood railings can have different design features and details to enhance the appearance of your deck.

Using Round Features for Cable Railing Designs

Cable railings are another modern design solution to consider for your home. These features can combine traditional and modern designs to create a unique custom look for your deck. A great way to finish the cable railings is with round handrails. This will enhance the appearance and functionality of the new railings you install on your deck.

Glass Balusters with Attractive Round Handrails

There are also glass baluster features that you may want to use for your new deck railings. The glass balusters are often finished with plain features. Therefore, you may want to have more attractive solutions to finish the railings that you install on your deck. Round handrails can be a great way to finish the glass balusters with attractive custom design features.

Railings can have custom designs and features to make your new deck more unique. Contact a railing service to talk to them about round handrails for your new deck.

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