Marine Repairs After Storms Cause Damage To Your Facilities

If you manage a marina, severe weather can cause a lot of damage to your facilities. When the damage is serious, you want to have the facilities repaired quickly. There are also improvements that you may want to invest in to protect your property from future issues with damage. The following marina repairs are going to be needed after storms cause damage to your facilities:

Dealing with Damage to Piers of Fixed Structures

Marine installations often have features like docks and piers. These marine structures have fixed support with piles that go below the surface of the water. When there is damage to the fixed support systems, you will need to have new piers or piles built. These support structures can also be wrapped with a protective casing to prevent wear and damage.

Replacing Lost or Damaged Modular Floating Docks

Another feature that your marina facilities may have is floating docks. During severe weather, these materials can be severely damaged or lost. Therefore, you may need to have some of the floating dock sections replaced. Some things that can be done to protect the floating features from future damage include:

  • Removable sections that can be stored safely
  • Anchor systems to keep floating features in place
  • Hardware that can withstand the severe weather conditions

The modular features will be the safest during storms if they can be removed or secured beneath the water. Talk with your marina repair service about solutions to prevent future problems with floating sections being damaged or lost.

Repairing Damage to Marina Roof Coverings

Often, there are roof coverings for various areas of marina facilities. These are some of the most vulnerable areas during storms. Some of the areas that may need roof repairs include:

  • Covered boat storage
  • Workshops and drydock storage
  • Commercial vending spaces
  • Other covered or enclosed structures

The roof damage can be a costly problem if it causes damage to private property or the interior of buildings like workshops.

Installing Marina Features to Prevent Future Damage

There are also options to improve your marina with features that can prevent damage. You may want to add seawalls or jetties. These structures can help protect marina structures from rough waters and currents during severe weather.

When storms cause damage to marinas, the right repairs will help get facilities operating again quickly. If severe weather has damaged your facilities, contact marina repair services to have them repaired. Likewise, contact a marina repair service for more information. 

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