Why Asphalt Makes For Great Outdoor Paths, Pavements, And Parking Spaces

When it comes to constructing outdoor driveways, paths, pavements, or parking spaces there are two main choices that people look to: concrete or asphalt. While concrete might seem the better option because it has a reputation for being the hardest and strongest material out there, that does not always translate to a better product in this instance. Asphalt has a lot of specific features that help it survive and thrive better in these instances, while concrete is better in actual structures. Before you make up your mind, here are a few reasons that might just push you towards asphalt as the clear better choice between the two options. 

Better Grip

On cold winter days or when there has been a significant amount of rain, you want a surface that will still provide grip for your shoes or tires. Skidding out or slipping over is not something you want to go through as it can cause quite a lot of damage or even break your car (or worse, your bones), which is why choosing a material with good tactile grip strength is important. Asphalt is far more grippy and better in adverse conditions due to its material make-up which has a better surface for all different sorts of vehicles and tires.

Easy To Repair

Anything that is left outside in the elements for a long period of time is going to degrade, that is a simple fact. The good thing about asphalt construction is that you know you will be able to fix it cheaply and with very few materials that are often found at a local hardware shop. Concrete is far more expensive and time-consuming to properly fix, and it can lead to you having to redo a whole area of the concrete base that will make your home virtually inaccessible for days if not weeks. Asphalt spot fixes can be done in hours.

Easy To Install

Concrete can be quite hard to get into areas that are not as accessible, so if you are trying to build a pathway or something that is on grass, then you will have a bit of a struggle on your hands. That is why you often only see concrete pavements and parking lots in larger cities that have long been built up. Asphalt, on the other hand, is easy to install in many different locations and does not require the same amount of preparation or supporting equipment. It still lasts a long time when installed properly, and an asphalt construction of any type is a worthy addition to your property. 

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