Why Decorative Rock Is A Good Landscaping Material To Use Around Your Home's Foundation

Decorative rock is a popular landscaping option since rocks last a long time and they're so attractive. Plus, the rocks have many uses on your property. You can use them to make a patio, build a walkway, create a swale, spread around for mulch, or to replace your grass. Here's why decorative rock is a good choice for mulch around your foundation, and better than traditional bark mulch.

Rocks Aren't A Fire Hazard

Some cities may require a firebreak around your home as a safety measure against wildfires, but even if a firebreak isn't mandatory, it could still be a good idea to have one. It's easy to create a beautiful fire protection zone around your foundation with decorative rock. The rocks could extend a few feet from your home and protect it from fire while adding a decorative element to your yard.

The rocks act as mulch to keep weeds away and to let water drain, but they won't ignite like bark mulch. Instead of plants around your foundation, you might space lawn decor in the rocks that wouldn't ignite and burn such as small boulders, gazing balls, or concrete lawn ornaments.

Rocks Help Control Bugs

Foundation plants and wood mulch make nice hiding places for mosquitoes, roaches, and other bugs. Mice and snakes might even hide near your house among bushy foundation plants that create shady cool spots. An important way to control pests is to keep the area near your home sunny and dry. That means you may need to remove plants that make shade and get rid of wood mulch that stays damp.

Decorative rock makes a good foundation border, and you can still put in foundation plants if you space them far enough apart so they don't create shade for mosquitoes. Rocks can also hold moisture in the soil, but they stay dry and warm on top, so they may not be as appealing to bugs seeking moisture from decaying wood.

Decorative Rock Lasts A Long Time

You won't need to replace rocks as often as you would bark mulch or other types of mulch that slowly rot over time. You'll want to use edging that holds the rocks in place so they don't spill into the grass and slowly get away from your foundation or become a mowing hazard, but you don't have to worry about rocks deteriorating. The rocks might get driven into the soil over the years from rain and foot traffic, but that takes time to happen, and you can always dig the rocks back out.

For more information on decorative rock, contact a company near you.

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