Adding A Septic System To Your Property

The use of a septic system to manage the processing and disposal of a home's wastewater can be a common solution for this routine need. The installation of a septic system can be a major project to undertake, but this does not mean that it will be overwhelming or otherwise excessively difficult if you are thoughtful during the planning phase for this work.

Excavation Will Be Needed For Both The Septic Tank And The Drainfield

In order for a septic system to be installed, there will need to be excavation work done on the property. However, people may assume that this will only be needed for the actual septic tank itself. In reality, this is a type of work that will also be needed to prepare the ground for the installation of the drainfield. This is a series of pipes that can safely distribute the water from the septic tank over a larger area.

You Should Be Discerning When Choosing The Location Where The Septic System Will Be Placed

The location of the septic system is another consideration that should be given ample consideration by a homeowner. When assessing potential areas for the new septic system to be installed, it is important to choose an area that is on relatively level ground and that has good soil quality. If you place the septic system in a low area, the water that it is releasing may not be able to drain effectively. Soil quality is another factor to consider when assessing where to place the septic tank system. Hard soil can make it difficult for the water to drain, but soil that is too loose may not be able to support the weight of the septic tank. By being discerning about where you are placing this important part of your plumbing system, you can avoid areas that will prove to be problematic for this critical plumbing component.

You May Want To Use Artificial Rocks To Hide The Access Hatch For The Newly Installed Septic System

Most modern septic tank systems will have an access hatch that will allow the tank to be easily pumped and inspected. Not surprisingly, individuals may want to lessen the visual impacts that this hatch will have. Placing an artificial rock over the top of the hatch can effectively hide it so that it will not disrupt the look of your landscaping. However, this can also have the added benefit of making it easier to remember where this hatch is located as well as preventing dirt from becoming impacted on top of the hatch.

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