4 Custom Home Building Trends To Consider

People preparing for custom home building projects should monitor emerging trends. Whether you're looking for inspiration or trying to buck the trend, you'll want to watch these four developments.

Distinct Spaces

Folks designing rooms need to make one stylistic decision early on in the process. How much do they want one room in a house to look like the others?

Traditionally, people have maintained relative stylistic consistency among various rooms in a home. However, there is room to create some marked contrasts even if you want to use fundamentally the same style throughout the place. You might use a dark color scheme in a home office while employing a bright one in the bathroom or kitchen. This can create a stronger sense of each space serving an individual purpose. Also, it just breaks up the visual consistency to make the overall home interior less boring.


Integrating natural materials into a house can instantly give it lots of character. Wood and stone materials have nice textures, and they also tend to have neutral tones. A team of custom home builders can quickly integrate these materials into fireplaces, floors, a patio, and the roof. Not only will the appearance feel natural, but the different textures and grains will instantly speak to the custom design of the house.

You may also want to integrate nature with places for plants. The go-big approach would be to add a conservatory or greenhouse. People who want a less aggressive approach might build planters into their windows.

Outdoor rooms and large windows also can connect a house with nature without being so direct. With the rise of better retractable screening and door options, you can also quickly convert an outdoor room into a closed space.


Using one or two strong color choices in a room can give it a strong visual appeal. If you're not big on splashy colors, using them in spots around the trim will work well, too. For example, you might liven up a plain white room with blue trim around the windows and doorways.


Investing in custom home building is a great way to reduce long-term ownership costs. There are numerous ways to make a house more efficient when you're building from the ground up. Choosing a high-efficiency HVAC system can keep energy bills down. Likewise, using a combination of natural and LED lighting can improve efficiency. There are also potential efficiency gains when looking at insulation, doors, windows, and the plumbing system.

For more information, contact custom home builders near you.

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