What Is Design Build Construction?

In traditional construction, when a new project is ordered, the workflow goes through several businesses before the project reaches completion. For example, the owner hires a designer to create the building plans and integrate the project requirements. Once the designs are complete, they send the project to a contractor. From there, the contractor hires subcontractors to take care of any work that is not serviced under their company such as plumbing, electrical, or interior design work. 

As the project gets transferred from one company to another, there are unlimited opportunities for delays and breakdowns in the workflow. Most commonly, this happens because one company needs to make changes to the build due to unforeseen design flaws or conflicts. 

What Is Design Build Construction?

Design build construction removes all the extra steps in the workflow and completes all steps of the process using one company. By using a single contractor for both the design and the construction, there is only one contract to worry about from project inception to completion. This also means there is no question of accountability if there are issues during the build.

The Design Build Process

Once the project owner has the details of the project, they begin by selecting a design build team according to qualifications, experience, skill, and price. After the team is selected, they move on to the pre-construction phase of the project. During this phase, all teams will collaborate together to identify and assess all considerations for the project. This is when most questions will be asked and answered, such as questions about the timeline, budget, and more. 

Next, the architectural team begins drawing up the plans for the building. Because the architects and the construction contractors work together, they collaborate directly during this phase making addressing concerns and transitioning to construction seamless for the owner. Finally, construction begins and any changes or problems are addressed internally between the teams. Once the project is complete, a review of the project is conducted to provide comprehensive documentation, training guides, and any other paperwork necessary for the project. 

Benefits of Design Build Construction

Design build is a growing industry in America due to the many benefits it offers, including saving time and money. Increasing collaboration between teams at each phase of the project results in fewer delays and more innovation. 

The benefits of design build construction include:

  • Faster build time
  • Lower unit costs
  • Lower risk 
  • Higher-quality builds
  • Increased flexibility

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