A Look At Getting A Metal Garage On Your Property

If you need a detached garage, consider getting one made of metal. Metal is usually less expensive than wood, and since the buildings can be prefabricated, they go up fast. Here's a quick look at having a metal garage installed on your property.

Choose The Size And Style

You can pick out the design of your garage and choose the size that fits your property and your needs. Once the metal building company knows what you want, they can build it in their factory and then prepare it for transport where it can be reassembled on your land.

Metal garages are often made of steel since steel is tougher and more durable than aluminum. However, you can choose the type and thickness of the metal. You might want windows in your garage too, or you may just want a plain garage with garage doors and nothing else. You can let your budget be your guide when choosing features for your new garage.

Complete The Prep Work

You may need to do the prep work yourself since your lot should be ready for the crew to get to work putting up your garage as soon as they arrive. Things you'll need to do include getting a permit, having utility lines marked, and preparing the lot for installation.

You may need to clear the land and have a land-grading contractor level and grade the soil for the foundation slab. You'll also need to have enough space surrounding the building area for the crew to have room to work. You'll need a contractor to pour the slab for the garage, or you can do it yourself to save money. The slab should be ready to go before your metal garage is delivered.

Have The Metal Garage Installed

Even though the garage is prefabricated, it doesn't arrive fully assembled. Instead, it arrives in sections that the installation crew puts together once the parts arrive.

Since you'll have your lot prepared and ready to begin the installation, the crew might have your metal garage put up in a single day. However, that depends on the size of the garage and the complexity of the design you choose.

Being prefabricated doesn't affect the garage negatively in any way. Your metal garage will still be up to code and sturdy enough to withstand storms just like a wood garage that's built board by board. Your metal garage will be easier to maintain, too, since you won't have to worry about insect damage or rot like you would with a wood garage.

For more information on metal garages, contact a professional near you.

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