Spray Foam Roofing - Installation Tips For Commercial Properties

Spray foam roofs offer a lot of advantages to commercial properties. Not only can they improve the energy efficiency of a roof, but they can also keep water from collecting. If you plan to have said roof set up on your property, take the following advice to heart.

Store Spray Foam Product Correctly When It's Not Being Used 

It may take you a couple of days to apply spray foam over your entire roof. Instead of leaving these products out and exposed to the elements, it's essential to find a storage area for them instead. Temperature spikes then won't be likely and thus make spray foam difficult to apply later on.

Try to find a storage solution that's completely protected from extreme temperatures and harsh weather elements. For instance, if you can put spray foam roof solutions inside an area of your commercial building, you'll find it much easier to keep said solutions in optimal condition.

Go Through Safety Training

Since most spray foam roof solutions produce chemical vapors that can potentially be dangerous if exposed to them for prolonged periods of time, it's paramount to receive some safety training before you attempt to install these solutions. There are plenty of formal training courses you can enroll in, fortunately.

They'll teach you pivotal safety insights, such as how to properly mix spray foam roof solutions, how to handle them, and how to properly ventilate the installation site. These measures should keep you safe the entire time that you work with spray foam insulation.

Monitor Weather Conditions Leading up to the Installation Date

To get the best application results with spray foam roofing solutions, it's advisable to monitor the weather conditions leading up to your installation date. Things like snow and ice, for example, could negatively interfere with the application.

It's thus very important that you continue to watch weather reports to make sure the conditions are perfect when you get ready to apply spray foam all over your commercial roof. If conditions take a turn for the worse, push off installation until the weather clears up.

If you want to enhance your commercial property, you might put a spray foam roof on it. You can then enjoy a long-lasting roof for many years, as well as improve your property's energy efficiency qualities. A proper installation is possible if you choose a superior foam product and apply it according to the best practices outlined by the manufacturer.

For more information, contact a spray foam insulation contractor near you.

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