Increase Your Comfort On The Patio Using Durable Retractable Screens

Have you purchased a home with a spacious patio? It could be the perfect area for hanging out, whether alone or with your loved ones, while reading, listening to music, or grilling. If you want to spend a lot of time on your patio, enjoying the fresh air and soaking up some of the natural sunlight, consider installing retractable screens. You can easily put these screens to good use throughout the year! 

What Is a Retractable Screen?

The retractable screen is a fixture that typically rolls up and down or from one side to the next. It acts as a barrier while enabling air to circulate, so you can still receive fresh air as you sit on your patio without worrying about different things like insects and poor weather, such as rain. These screens are customizable and may be cut and shaped to fit your patio space perfectly, providing additional protection from the moment they get installed.

What Are Some of the Reasons Homeowners Purchase and Install Retractable Screens?

Homeowners may install retractable screens on patios and other spaces for several reasons, such as:

  • Limiting Sun Exposure—Some retractable screens are tinted, providing protection from the sun. While natural sunlight is good for the body, you may not want too much sunlight shining over you for hours on end because that would increase your chances of sunburn. When selecting tinted retractable screens, you can choose the level of tint you prefer.
  • Keeping Insects Away—Who wants to sit on a patio when they're getting attacked by mosquitoes, flies, and gnats? Flying insects can quickly make things uncomfortable, but you can avoid them by installing retractable screens. Air can still get through the screens, but those pesky bugs can't.
  • Avoiding Flying Debris—On windier days, tree leaves, dust, and other debris may be flying around, but you wouldn't have to deal with it getting all over your patio when you have retractable screens that you can pull down and use as often as you want.

Along with these common reasons for using retractable screens, some like them because the tinted options offer a greater level of privacy, which is great if you don't want to feel like your neighbors are watching you while out on your patio.

Retractable screens are an excellent solution for those with patios who want fresh air and sunlight without excessive exposure to the elements or dealing with insects. You can pick the type of retractable screens for your patio and have them installed.

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