Understanding the Benefits of Helical Pilings for Commercial Foundation Repair

In the world of construction, the foundation is crucial in ensuring the strength and stability of a building. Despite the best efforts of builders and engineers, foundations can experience problems over time due to various factors, including soil conditions, water damage, and natural disasters. To address these issues, commercial foundation repair is necessary. One option that has become increasingly popular in recent years is helical pilings.

In this blog post, we will discuss what helical pilings are and the benefits they offer for commercial foundation repair.

What are Helical Pilings?

Helical pilings, also known as screw piles, are steel piers with helix-shaped blades that are turned into the soil like screws. These blades create a strong, stable foundation by bearing the weight of the building. They are installed using hydraulic machinery, which ensures consistent, accurate placement. Once they are screwed deep enough, brackets are attached to the pile tops and secured to the foundation.

Benefits of Helical Pilings for Commercial Foundation Repair

Helical pilings offer several benefits when used in commercial foundation repair.


Compared to other foundation repair methods, such as excavation and concrete replacement, helical pilings are more affordable. They are easier to install and require less labor, which translates to cost savings for property owners.

Minimal Site Impact

The installation of helical pilings for commercial foundation repair is minimally invasive, meaning they require less excavation and disturbance to the site compared to other methods. This results in less damage to the surrounding property and less disruption to business operations.

Can be Installed in Tight Spaces

Helical pilings can be installed in tight spaces and remote locations, making them perfect for properties that are difficult to access. They are also ideal for retrofitting existing structures with foundation problems because they do not require additional clearance as other methods.

Quick Installation

Helical pilings can be installed quickly, often in just a few days. This means that business downtime is minimized, and operations can be resumed sooner.

Strong and Durable

Helical pilings create a strong and stable foundation that is designed to last for decades. They can support heavy loads and are resistant to movement caused by soil conditions and natural disasters.

Helical pilings are an excellent choice for commercial foundation repair because of their cost-effectiveness, minimal site impact, ability to be installed in tight spaces, quick installation, and durability. They are a reliable and proven method for fixing foundation problems and ensuring the longevity and stability of buildings. If you are experiencing any foundation problems, consult with a professional contractor who specializes in commercial foundation repair to see whether helical pilings are right for you.

Reach out to commercial foundation repair specialists to learn more.

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